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Apple’s AirTag technology is banned in India

Apple's AirTag technology is banned in India

Lufthansa Says Apple AirTags Are Once Again Allowed in Checked Bags

German air carrier Lufthansa said late Thursday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona the use of Apple’s popular AirTag on a passenger’s iPhone or iPad during the boarding of the aircraft was all but legal.

The announcement came after a series of reports that had linked Apple’s technology with the detection of explosives on mobile devices in checked baggage at the New Delhi airport in India.

A Lufthansa spokesman told The Associated Press late Thursday that airline employees and other passengers had been tested in a laboratory to ensure that the devices were not interfering with the air cabin.

Apple in recent weeks has said it was suspending the technology on certain of its devices when in checked baggage because it’s impossible to ensure that a passenger does not place explosives inside the device. But Apple has refused to say why the AirTag doesn’t work on iPads.

The company in October began testing the technology in the cabin of its aircraft when the passenger uses the device’s headphone jacks to enter an electronic listening station.

Some airlines, including German Lufthansa, have since said that the use of the AirTag for the purpose of detecting explosives in checked baggage is now banned.

New Delhi airport bans iPhones for checked baggage

Bomb Detection Technology:

Aircrafts with onboard air bag can also work with this technology. And this technology was tested with the Boeing 747-400


German Airlines

Air New Zealand

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines



The company said it would begin testing the technology in the cabin of its aircraft in November

The technology was used in July when it was used to track down a bomb

United Airlines stopped using the technology in February at the request of the TSA

The U.S. Transportation Security Administration has asked U.S. airlines to stop using the technology

“Air New Zealand’s decision today to suspend use of its on board air bag in flight for all flights does not

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