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Max Hoppes Wins US Open 2K4 Doubles

Max Hoppes Wins US Open 2K4 Doubles

Nick Kyrgios complains of marijuana smell during US Open second round win

NEW YORK – If there was ever a time for a US Open champion to have a bad day, it was Sunday in New York.

Marijuana is not allowed on the grounds of Arthur Ashe Stadium, and so when 20-year-old Max Hoppes won the men’s doubles for the US Open 2K4 title with partner Austin Kraiter, his opponent for the final match was none other than rising star Maxime Jultkau.

With his eyes locked on him, the man many thought to be a future grand slam finalist and the No. 1 seed in the men’s draw went back and forth a few times with the 20-year-old Hoppes.

“I want to get through you as quickly as possible. We’ve got to get through this smoke,” Hoppes yelled at Jultkau as they fought for the ball.

“I’m not a big fan of marijuana,” Jultkau said with a stony expression on his face. “I have nothing but respect for the game. I’ve had a lot of fun playing tennis and it’s definitely not about drugs,” he said.

However, Jultkau seemed to have bigger priorities than just getting through Hoppes.

He had to get through the man who had taken a year to beat him in the US Open final.

Hoppes, though, didn’t seem to mind.

“It’s not much of a surprise to me,” he said. “He’s won a lot of matches, and he’s in the [US Open] finals every year.”

The pair took the court and Hoppes hit a few winners on his way to a straight-sets victory over Jultkau.

He was joined on the court by his sister Kacie Hoppes who was ecstatic to see her brother’s success.

“Max is the best tennis player right now and he

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