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Obama Signs New START Treaty With Russia

Obama Signs New START Treaty With Russia

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The Republican presidential nominee has a chance to win the White House in November, and with him another big gift on the world stage, as China makes a very public push to become a world power.

In his first major speech of the campaign, Obama outlined some of the challenges and challenges that the U.S. faces with an increasingly assertive China, and a resurgent Russia.

President Obama announced on Monday that Russia will be withdrawing from the Anti-Ballistics Missile Treaty, which has been in place since 1972.

While the treaty has largely served to block the nuclearization of war, one senior administration official told ABC News in a statement that “the Russians are free to resume missile development activities in violation of the treaty” and that “America should stand in solidarity with our European allies and join them in doing the same.”

The official added that the decision is being reviewed by the State Department, and a final decision will be made public.

President Obama made the trip to Poland, where he talked with President Bronislaw Komorowski, then spoke to the media and signed the decree on the ratification of the new treaty.

The U.S.-Russia Joint Strategic Concept

“Today, we will sign the treaty, making an unprecedented global commitment to reduce strategic nuclear arsenals, ensuring the world’s security and ensuring that in the years ahead we can take these measures in a way that is the opposite of the Cold War,” Obama said in a statement.

Russia has refused to sign the treaty since its establishment in 1975, but the Kremlin has also resisted U.S. efforts to have it included in the new nuclear arms control treaty known as New START.

At the same time, U.S. leaders have repeatedly said that they see the nuclear reduction treaty as a key component of the global effort to end nuclear arsenals.

A U.S. official said the administration has been in discussions with Russia about how to use the treaty to “address Russia’s violations of other treaties” and whether to

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