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Sheriff’s Officer Charged with DUI, Driving With Suspension and Driving Under Suspension

Sheriff’s Officer Charged with DUI, Driving With Suspension and Driving Under Suspension

Why was driver suspected of crashing into 25 sheriff’s recruits suddenly set free?

Published 4:54 pm, Friday, February 15, 2014

A sheriff’s deputy is free after she was arrested and charged with drunken driving Friday night, just as another young woman in the parking lot of a high school was shot by a sheriff’s recruit in her patrol car while off-duty, according to authorities.

“We have our recruits in uniform, as well as some adults, out in the parking lot tonight enjoying the occasion,” said Capt. David Lofaro of the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office in a Friday night press release. “We’re not talking about rookies, either. We have four who have been with us since January. In this scenario, they are all adult recruits, and they aren’t rookies and didn’t choose to put on uniforms tonight.”

The Lancaster County recruit was off-duty, according to Lt. John Fusco of the Sheriff’s Office.

“He was supposed to be off-duty and was not,” Fusco said. “He was in his patrol car when it happened.”

The recruit, 29-year-old Jeremy K. Anderson, of Mifflinburg, was driving in the school parking lot at around 11:30 p.m. when his patrol car struck 25-year-old Tiffany R. Williams, of West Virginia.

Anderson’s vehicle went out of control, hitting Williams head-on in the front seat, according to Fusco. Williams was driving her mother’s Nissan as she made her way through the parking lot when she was shot at.

Williams was transported to Cooper University Hospital in Camden where she was treated for a gunshot wound.

Anderson was arrested on charges of DUI, driving with a suspended license and driving under suspension.

Deputy Anderson was released pending further investigation after a

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