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State Land Board to Take Over Ranch Office Complex

State Land Board to Take Over Ranch Office Complex

Coveted oceanfront land in Ventura County will become a nature preserve for the first time in its history when the state takes over control of 12 beach lots, including one owned by Donald Trump.

The state will take ownership of 12 property from county property tax officials that includes a long-vacant state ranch office complex on the Ventura Country Club. State Land Board officials say the ranch, located at 727 N. Long Beach Boulevard, has been in private hands for decades so it has fallen into disrepair.

“It’s not a place to live,” said Steve Mazzucca, president of the Land Board, who attended the news conference Tuesday in Ventura. “The state will be responsible for maintaining and improving it. It is a very valuable piece of property. It’s a rare opportunity for the state to acquire a piece of land in Ventura County for future use.”

A group of local business owners and politicians gathered at the ranch office where Trump has long been president.

“This place was designed to be a place of business for Donald,” said Joe Cervantes, former chairman of his family’s ranch-to-the-sea company, who attended the news conference with his wife, Sharon, who works at the Trump resort. “Donald’s vision was to have world class golf courses and a place where you could bring your family and your friends and everyone could enjoy themselves.”

The Long Beach Business Association supports the state’s plan, including the use of tax increment financing, which helps generate money to maintain and build projects.

“I’m sure that Donald would have liked to have been the new owner of the place, but at the same time I know he would want a place like this to be available for generations to come,” said LBA president David Kircher. “And when you have the state taking it over and maintaining it, the long-term use can be a legacy for future generations.”

Trump’s business has the potential to generate $700 million in revenue annually if it’s successful.

“If he had wanted to, Donald could have bought it and used it as a second golf course,” said Cervantes. “That’s just what he was thinking, and he was right, that’s exactly what would have happened.”

The land is located on a property where The Donald is in the process of building a multi-million dollar luxury hotel and an expansion of the existing complex.

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