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The Color Difference in Fall Days

The Color Difference in Fall Days

How you can tell it’s fall in L.A., according to a guy from Vermont

It’s been a while since we’ve seen much of L.A. in the fall, but we’re no stranger to the weather in this part of the country. Sure, the air feels a touch cooler, but there’s no doubt we’ve got a little more fall left.

Now, according to a guy from Vermont, there’s one sure sign that we’ve really entered in the winter season.

The man, who asked that his name be withheld, told the story to New York Magazine. He said he bought a single-speed bike he could pedal with his eyes closed.

He then looked down at his chest and noticed what looked like a pair of goggles. “So I was like, ‘Well, I know I’m not wearing a helmet,’ ’cause I wear my sunglasses. ‘Cause I do, but there was like a pair of goggles I was just like ‘Ah fuck!'”

He laughed. “So I opened the thing up and there was a layer of black stuff on it. Then underneath it, there was an orange layer. It was like an orange-y color. I couldn’t tell if it was blood or not, but it was really, really thick.”

When he removed the goggles, he could see clear through the eye hole. He then put on the goggles and could no longer see through the eye holes.

Finally, he removed them both, put on sunglasses, and started pedaling. Now, he could see through the eye ring.

He’s not the first person to point out the color difference in fall days. An Alabama man did so nearly 11 years ago, and he was nearly arrested for having an illegal camera strapped to his head.

[F]or a while, I actually thought my head was on backwards, like, ‘oh, my head is not in the same position as my head is on the ground.’ I thought that was how I was supposed to be looking at that

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