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The “expert” who warned that President Obama might not be a natural-born citizen

The “expert” who warned that President Obama might not be a natural-born citizen

New York Times: Former evangelical activist claims he knew of 2014 Supreme Court decision before it was released

Molly Ivins, an evangelical activist, was the first to report on the possibility that President Obama was not really born in the United States when she was doing a feature on the story in Time magazine in 2007

The New York Times has uncovered the identity of the “expert” that warned that President Obama might not be eligible to be president based on his place of birth.

The Times reported that this person was a former evangelical activist named Molly Ivins, who went by “Molly Jekyll” after her conversion to Mormonism. She was hired by the Associated Press to write a piece on the story in 2007.

She told the Times that she had been hired because of her “expertise on Barack Obama” and that she had written an essay about the matter. She said that she had “a pretty good idea” of what the case would be after reading about it in media.

She wrote, “There was an enormous amount of excitement and curiosity that was being stirred up among journalists and others who were paying attention. How, they wondered, could Obama not be a natural-born citizen of the United States, because, after all, he had been born in Hawaii?”

She said that after reading the articles, she felt she knew the answer.

“I had a pretty good idea what the case was going to be about,” she said, adding she had been told about the matter by two sources. “They were saying, ‘He wasn’t born here. He’s not a natural-born citizen.’”

That was, of course, before the Obama administration filed a lawsuit against him on the matter.

The full account of her story and the other people she talked to is featured in the Times:

Molly Jekyll, 48, was an evangelical activist who in the last few years had become a

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