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The Georgia Organized Event’s “Festival Passport Giveaway” is still on the way

The Georgia Organized Event’s “Festival Passport Giveaway” is still on the way

‘When We Were Young’ music festival canceled Saturday due to high winds

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Winds will reach high into the 70s Saturday over Georgia, the National Weather Service said.

The event was canceled but those who registered for the 10,000-acre music festival still have a chance to join the festival for a “Festival Passport Giveaway” in August, the Georgia Organized Event (GOE) said in a statement.

The festival’s organizers encouraged festivalgoers to still arrive at the festival Saturday.

“A few of our festival-goers expressed concern for the safety and wellbeing of their fellow festival goers,” festival organizers wrote. “Due to the high winds, the G-E-L-A-X-T-E-R has taken it’s last official act in terms of the festival-going experience.”

But they said it’s the last time this weekend for the 10,000-acre music festival.

“We have spoken to the festival-goer’s on the other side of the globe who have expressed the desire to continue camping for those who purchased a festival ticket,” organizers wrote. “We will announce when the festival will return after the storm passes.”

But festivalgoer John Rafferty, a DJ and owner of The Ringer’s Backroom, which was hosting the event during the weekend, said it’s his duty to let festivalgoers know where the event is going.

“I’m trying to figure it out,” he said. “It’s not my business, I don’t know.”

A storm called an unseasonable weather event (UME) by the U.S. Coast Guard is underway off the coast of Georgia, according to the National Weather Service. UMEs can cause high winds and rain.

A storm

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