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The Rise of Unrest in East Africa

The Rise of Unrest in East Africa

This East African nation is known for stability. But drought and rising prices are fueling insecurity…

Wealthy citizens from across the globe have been flocking to this island nation since the 1970s. It has a population of 11 million people and is the only country in this region to feature two official languages (English and Swahili) instead of the standard three. This East African nation is known for stability. But drought and rising prices are fueling insecurity among its citizens.

A common thread that connects a plethora of events is the influx of foreign capital. In the 1980s, the East African country established close ties with China and turned to Beijing in search of an economically and geopolitically strategic partner. In 2009, the country was chosen to host a Chinese military facility that was built to train soldiers for anti-terrorism operations.

Today, the country’s leaders are anxious to increase their influence on the world stage.

The rise of unrest in the country is not in the context of a crisis. It is the product of the growing pains that East African nations are experiencing under a number of structural economic challenges.

The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa in its recent report on this topic calls for a “transitional phase.” The UNECAF has found that the economic performance of this East African country has not yet reached its potential. The report points to a number of structural and economic challenges that need to be addressed.

The report states:

“For the majority of citizens of the country, poverty remains the most pressing issue….The economy has not yet performed to expectations”

It also notes that unemployment is at a record high and that the country is among the countries that have the fastest-growing youth bulge.

This East African country has one of the few independent judicial systems in the region and, as a result of its unique legal system, it is also one of the most popular tourist destinations. Yet, according to the UNECAF report, the court system is not independent enough for this country to be free from instability.

A recent news story noted that police brutality is a common experience in this country. But most of the stories of police brutality relate to cases of corruption and mismanagement. Many of the

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