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The Sierra Club Letter to the Editor

The Sierra Club Letter to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Returning to the Sierra Nevada — a reporter took these readers on a journey through the scenic, dramatic landscape surrounding the town of Lake Tahoe, Nevada, where they found the town’s residents taking measures to protect their natural resources and the state of Nevada. Photo from Sierra Magazine.

The Sierra Club is a national nonprofit environmental organization with more than 1.4 million members and online activists dedicated to protecting the environment.

In California, we advocate for laws and policies that protect public health and safeguard public lands, support clean energy and sustainable communities, and advocate for clean water. We are California’s oldest and largest statewide membership organization.

Since 1972, the Sierra Club has been at the forefront of efforts to safeguard our air, land, water and wildlife. We are working to preserve what we have and protect the beauty we love.

We protect public lands and natural areas in California, including lands managed and enjoyed by California State Parks, Bureau of Land Management lands, and wildlife refuges.

Sierra magazine was founded in the 1950s by environmental writers and photographers, who wanted to provide a forum for discussing, analyzing and celebrating the environmental movement. The first issue of Sierra was an invitation to members to consider joining a “Community Environmental Union,” which was modeled on the environmental movement itself. The articles, letters, and photographs in Sierra’s early issues were meant as a kind of scrapbook or reference. Today, they continue to offer a way for all Californians to get news about the environment and to learn more about our environmental values.

Editorial: Lake Tahoe

The letter has been running in the “Letters to the Editor” section of the Jan. 22 issue of this newspaper. Letters can be read on our website,, or on line at

The writer of the letter, who goes by the name of “Karen,” was inspired to write the following.

“I will be writing ’til my fingers fall off,” she wrote.

Lake Tahoe is a quaint, scenic, picturesque Nevada resort town that was named a National Historic Landmark in 1994 and a U.S. National Natural Landmark in 2004. It sits on the north shore of the lake, a natural lake that

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