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The Stars Are Not the Stars

The Stars Are Not the Stars

John Leguizamo is right about the need for Latin representation in Hollywood films. But his solution, a new film franchise, seems hopelessly Hollywood. What if, instead, he had a different way to attract the Latino community to Hollywood? What if he had a way to reach out. What if he had a way to find representation in film without the traditional Hollywood route? What if he had a way to help his fellow Latino actors succeed?

It is an interesting and well thought-out idea. The problem is that it will not be accepted by the film industry. This is not to say that they do not understand the importance of being recognized. The problem is that when they do have a chance to do so, as Hollywood does, there are usually multiple layers to it, going all the way to the top.

There are so many layers that the only way for a person, let alone a person who is not well known outside the entertainment industry, to reach top is to be a star. After all, they can’t make their way up the ladder otherwise. When that is the case, they either succeed or fail at the level of success they are vying for.

I would like to propose a different solution to reach this higher level of success. I would like to propose that instead of striving to attain such levels of success as the stars, that the stars might reach such levels of success, but the non-stars, as well as the non-studio actors, might be encouraged to seek their own level of success in the way they reach for the stars.

Let’s take the case of the legendary Michael Ovitz. He was born into the entertainment industry. He did not go to college. He did not go to law school. He did not graduate. He did not go to medical school. All of these things came with his hard work.

This hard work would not have been possible without his parents, his siblings, his extended family, the communities that he was born into, and the opportunities in which he was raised.

There is no way for other people to achieve success without hard work. It is one of the key principles of success that success cannot be achieved without hard work, and

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