Earth 2: $0.100 tiles?

When you take a look at the Country statistics on Earth 2 and you click on Tile Value to sort the list on price per tile, you will notice that there is a long list of countries that have the initial very low price of only $0.100 per tile:

However, when you try to buy a tile in one of those countries, you will soon discover that the actually tile price is a lot higher. The actual price for all of those countries is the International territory price, which at the moment is $3.081. Also, the number is tiles bought in these areas isn’t 0. In fact, International territory is very popular.

When you scroll down, eventually you will get to a page where the tile value is higher than $0.100 or the number of tiles bought is larger than 0. However, even then, most likely the data shown is not correct. For example, at the time of writing Holy See is listed at a price of $0.100 and the number of tiles bought is 145:

But when you search for Holy See under Buy Land, you will see something very different:

Actual tile price at Holy See

As you can see, the actual price per tile at this location is $9.076! Also, there are a lot more tiles sold than 145. So to summarize, be very carful when you look at the Country statistics!