Earth 2 University

Besides the start of mega cities, we can now also observe other initiatives popping up. One of these initiatives is the creation of an Earth 2 University as a location for content creators, teachers and students of Earth 2 and life in general. The vision is to create a location in the virtual world that … Read more

The Anthropologist’s Guide to Earth2 Cities

This is an up to date list of locations of mega cities in Earth2. Use it to your advantage! As we have discussed in a previous article, mega cities are appearing in locations that do not contain these kind of cities in the real world. The creation of these cities was mostly driven by price. … Read more

What are E$ in Earth 2?

For people logging in to their account today, there may be a surprise. Suddenly their balance is no longer expressed in dollars, but in “E$” – E-dollars? Unfortunately, there is very little information about this change at the time of writing. The only information we got so far is a message on Discord: ‚ÄúDear … Read more

Earth 2 statistics

For people who are interested in Earth 2 statistics, there are a couple of external sites that proved nice overviews. In this post I will list the most well-known ones. Earth2stats: The site Earth2stats contains a home page with an overview of the top sold tiles in the past 24 hours, the most purchased countries … Read more

How to detect pump and dump schemes

Although there really isn’t any relationship between Earth 2 and cryptocurrencies (at least not at the moment), we do see the same phenomena happening when it comes to the price. I am talking about pump and dump schemes. Some people try to artificially inflate the price of land and then sell other tiles in the … Read more

Earth 2 meta-game

Since many of the rules in Earth 2 are not yet defined, what we have seen happening is that people are making up their own strategies. Initially, people were hunting down landmark spots in the real earth. Then, after one of the developers talked a bit about resources, people shifted their attention to land that … Read more

Earth 2 growing exponentially

Recently, the Earth 2 team posted a message explaining that the enormous growth that they have experienced in a couple of weeks was not expected to happen till after a year or longer. This meant that they have been trying to absorb one year of growth within a period of a couple of weeks, while … Read more

Resources in Earth 2

There are a lot of question regarding the use of natural resources in Earth 2. Now that we are in Phase 1, many people are eagerly buying up oil fields, gold mines and forests, hoping that in Phase 2 this will turn out to be beneficial. However, at the moment it is still very unclear … Read more

Is Earth 2 a scam?

When a new and original idea goes viral on the Internet, many people immediately assume it must be a scam. This also holds for Earth 2. Youtube and Reddit contain many videos and posts speculating that Earth 2 is nothing but a pyramid game with the sole purpose to part people from their money. Is … Read more

The team

Let’s take a closer look at the people behind Earth 2! Shane Isaac – Chief Executive Officer at Earth 2 On the Earth 2 website, we can find the following information about Shane: “With over 20 years experience in development, product development and management, Shane has an avid passion for big concepts and thinking outside … Read more