Analyzing your (or someone else’s) profile

Once you have bought several tiles in different locations, you will notice that the Earth 2 web app is not ideal to create a nice overview of your properties. Fortunately, the site offers the possibility to create a very nice overview of your Earth 2 possessions.

You can find your profile by clicking on the Profile button in the menu:

If you want to check someone else’s profile, that is also possible. For example, if you select the Leaderboard and click on one of the players, you will find their profile in the URL in your browser. As an example, I am going to make an overview of the possessions of the number one player at the time of writing called ‘CounterOfferMe’. I have typed his profile in the box in and pressed the submit button:

Once the profile has been analyzed, a page will be shown with a lot of information. First an overview of the amount of properties, the amount of tiles, the net worth of the user, the amount spent and the value increase. Below that, a map of the world is shown, indicating the location of the properties. The brighter the green, the more properties you own in that country. The size of the circles indicate the amount of tiles that make up the property. You can zoom in using the scroll wheel on your mouse to get a better look.

Scrolling further down, an overview is shown of your net worth and spent and the number of tiles you owned over time. As you can see, something weird happened around 11 days before I took this picture, when the net worth suddenly spiked to astronomical heights. Maybe there was some pump and dump actions happening…

Scrolling down even further, you will find an overview of the classes of tiles owned by the user of the profile, the country in which tiles are owned (hovering over the graph will display the country), the weighted net worth per class and the tiles per continent:

The information in these graphs may help you to decide if you want to redistribute your possessions in order to build a more all-round portfolio. Perhaps you want to try to purchase more Class 1 tiles to earn more money, or perhaps you want to invest in other continents.

Finally, an overview of all the possessions belonging to the profile will be shown:

The nice thing about this list of possessions is that it is searchable and sortable, which isn’t the case in the Earth 2 app. So if you are a big Earth 2 investor, you may want to check out this site. Here you can find the profile I used to create the information above.