Important Earth 2 updates from the team

The Earth 2 team has made a number of announcements that I will summarize in this post. The announcements start with a summary of the tasks that are facing the team: Fixing issues and improving functionality Scaling up Planning new functionality Partnering with companies Keeping the community updated Creating a dialogue with Venture Capitalist firms … Read more

More Earth 2 statistics

Because of the rapid growth of Earth 2, people are creating new websites that offer helpful information to the players that isn’t available in the Earth 2 app. There is a lot of interesting information about statistics in Earth 2 that users may find helpful in order to make the best choices in the game: … Read more

Analyzing your (or someone else’s) profile

Once you have bought several tiles in different locations, you will notice that the Earth 2 web app is not ideal to create a nice overview of your properties. Fortunately, the site offers the possibility to create a very nice overview of your Earth 2 possessions. You can find your profile by clicking on … Read more

Two-factor authentication (2FA) for Earth 2

When it comes to money, safety is very important. Banks, crypto exchanges, companies that store personal data: they all invest a lot of effort into making sure that only you can access your valuable resources. However, until now the only protection that Earth 2 was offering was a username and a password. The Earth 2 … Read more

Earth 2 has 250,000 users!

Another post from the Earth 2 team mentions that they now have almost 250,000 users: Dear Earth 2 Users. Though we have mentioned it before, we feel the need to mention it again – we have experienced hyper-growth after Earth 2 went viral recently and our team is trying to keep on top of it … Read more

Phase 2 will be introduced in a few weeks

Finally, the Earth 2 team has written a long article on what we can expect of Earth 2 in the coming months, and even years: What to expect of Earth 2? A new world – and of course imaginations are running wild. A new year – and it’s our job to define at least a … Read more

Earth 2 University

Besides the start of mega cities, we can now also observe other initiatives popping up. One of these initiatives is the creation of an Earth 2 University as a location for content creators, teachers and students of Earth 2 and life in general. The vision is to create a location in the virtual world that … Read more

The Anthropologist’s Guide to Earth2 Cities

This is an up to date list of locations of mega cities in Earth2. Use it to your advantage! As we have discussed in a previous article, mega cities are appearing in locations that do not contain these kind of cities in the real world. The creation of these cities was mostly driven by price. … Read more

What are E$ in Earth 2?

For people logging in to their account today, there may be a surprise. Suddenly their balance is no longer expressed in dollars, but in “E$” – E-dollars? Unfortunately, there is very little information about this change at the time of writing. The only information we got so far is a message on Discord: ‚ÄúDear … Read more

Earth 2 statistics

For people who are interested in Earth 2 statistics, there are a couple of external sites that proved nice overviews. In this post I will list the most well-known ones. Earth2stats: The site Earth2stats contains a home page with an overview of the top sold tiles in the past 24 hours, the most purchased countries … Read more