Important Earth 2 updates from the team

The Earth 2 team has made a number of announcements that I will summarize in this post. The announcements start with a summary of the tasks that are facing the team: Fixing issues and improving functionality Scaling up Planning new functionality Partnering with companies Keeping the community updated Creating a dialogue with Venture Capitalist firms … Read more

Two-factor authentication (2FA) for Earth 2

When it comes to money, safety is very important. Banks, crypto exchanges, companies that store personal data: they all invest a lot of effort into making sure that only you can access your valuable resources. However, until now the only protection that Earth 2 was offering was a username and a password. The Earth 2 … Read more

Earth 2 has 250,000 users!

Another post from the Earth 2 team mentions that they now have almost 250,000 users: Dear Earth 2 Users. Though we have mentioned it before, we feel the need to mention it again – we have experienced hyper-growth after Earth 2 went viral recently and our team is trying to keep on top of it … Read more

Phase 2 will be introduced in a few weeks

Finally, the Earth 2 team has written a long article on what we can expect of Earth 2 in the coming months, and even years: What to expect of Earth 2? A new world – and of course imaginations are running wild. A new year – and it’s our job to define at least a … Read more

Earth 2 growing exponentially

Recently, the Earth 2 team posted a message explaining that the enormous growth that they have experienced in a couple of weeks was not expected to happen till after a year or longer. This meant that they have been trying to absorb one year of growth within a period of a couple of weeks, while … Read more

Is Earth 2 a scam?

When a new and original idea goes viral on the Internet, many people immediately assume it must be a scam. This also holds for Earth 2. Youtube and Reddit contain many videos and posts speculating that Earth 2 is nothing but a pyramid game with the sole purpose to part people from their money. Is … Read more

The team

Let’s take a closer look at the people behind Earth 2! Shane Isaac – Chief Executive Officer at Earth 2 On the Earth 2 website, we can find the following information about Shane: “With over 20 years experience in development, product development and management, Shane has an avid passion for big concepts and thinking outside … Read more