The Anthropologist’s Guide to Earth2 Cities

This is an up to date list of locations of mega cities in Earth2. Use it to your advantage! As we have discussed in a previous article, mega cities are appearing in locations that do not contain these kind of cities in the real world. The creation of these cities was mostly driven by price. … Read more

Earth 2 meta-game

Since many of the rules in Earth 2 are not yet defined, what we have seen happening is that people are making up their own strategies. Initially, people were hunting down landmark spots in the real earth. Then, after one of the developers talked a bit about resources, people shifted their attention to land that … Read more

Mega cities in Earth 2

At the start of 2021, new developments are taking place in Earth 2. Communities are being formed, both local and international. A number of top investors like E2THEBOSS are becoming more and more visible and attract thousands of followers. Reddit groups like Earth2io come up with very creative idea, like building massive cities as a … Read more

Which tiles should I buy?

Once you have created an account on and added credits to it, as described in this post, you are ready to buy tiles. But now the question is: which tiles should I buy? Of course, everyone would like to own the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, or Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino, but … Read more