More Earth 2 statistics

Because of the rapid growth of Earth 2, people are creating new websites that offer helpful information to the players that isn’t available in the Earth 2 app. There is a lot of interesting information about statistics in Earth 2 that users may find helpful in order to make the best choices in the game: … Read more

Analyzing your (or someone else’s) profile

Once you have bought several tiles in different locations, you will notice that the Earth 2 web app is not ideal to create a nice overview of your properties. Fortunately, the site offers the possibility to create a very nice overview of your Earth 2 possessions. You can find your profile by clicking on … Read more

Earth 2 statistics

For people who are interested in Earth 2 statistics, there are a couple of external sites that proved nice overviews. In this post I will list the most well-known ones. Earth2stats: The site Earth2stats contains a home page with an overview of the top sold tiles in the past 24 hours, the most purchased countries … Read more