Earth 2 communities

A lot of Earth 2 communities have started to appear. Here I will present an overview of the different channels I have found. I will try to keep the post up to date. Let me know if you want your channel to be added (a small donation by using my reference code 4G8RPL1QE9 is appreciated).


  • Earth2 Official: The official Earth 2 discord channel. Check it out for the latest official information.
  • E2THEBOSS: One of the most prominent figures in the Earth 2 community. See my post on his latest community effort of creating mega cities in Earth 2.
  • Earth2happener: A place where the doers, the creators, the visionaries and the future builders of Earth2 can connect and share concepts and ideas.
  • Market: A marketplace and trading Discord for Earth 2.
  • A Discord related to the Earth2stats website that shows varies Earth 2 statistics.
  • X-Topia: Yet another Earth 2 related Discord channel.


  • Earth2: The main Earth 2 community on Reddit.
  • Earth2ioMeta: For the experienced Earth2 community. Expand your foundational knowledge here. We will delve into the most efficient ways of managing land, construction, resource generation, sales and more. I also want to be able to brainstorm ideas with each other. Constructive criticism is welcome. We will create the meta. Most Effective Tactics Available.
  • Earth2ioMarketplace: An alternative marketplace for Earth2io


Check out my twitter channel. The channel is following all related Twitter accounts that I found. Let me know if you me to follow your account as well. Original content will also follow.


  • Earth2io: The official Twitch channel. Check for the latest official news.
  • E2THEBOSS: The Twitch channel of E2THEBOSS.
  • BlogsMT: Gaming channel with some videos about Earth 2.


Dedicated channels or playlists:

Earth 2: Official channel
Earth 2 Earth
Earth 2 The New World
Earth Bound Army
Earth2 Mastery
freechillipp (German)
Gold Bagger
Property Club
The Dane
Tom Woodcock

Channels with a few Earth 2 related videos:

 20 Media 
 Arya Realty 
 Conor Kenny 
 Deantramp (German) 
 Famerob (German) 
 Financiën & Zo
 Jaron Clark
 Kryptic Owlz
 Kyle Schmidt
 M&E Ranch
 Matt Lorion
Profit MealPrepBiz101
 The Bowl Combo