Earth 2 growing exponentially

Recently, the Earth 2 team posted a message explaining that the enormous growth that they have experienced in a couple of weeks was not expected to happen till after a year or longer. This meant that they have been trying to absorb one year of growth within a period of a couple of weeks, while at the same time making progress with the original plans.

Obviously, this has been extremely demanding, and it is not getting better either, because the growth is not slowing down. There are many issues they need to work on, such as:

  • Scaling the servers
  • Fixing bugs in the website
  • Monitoring user behavior
  • Supporting users with issues
  • Processing and vetting user withdrawals
  • Maintaining the orginaly planned work load
  • Maintaining financial, forecasting, legal and administrative responsibilities
  • Upgrading relationships with 3rd party service providers because of the enormous growth
  • Dealing with becoming enterprise level customers to some providers
  • Fast track features that originally would take weeks or months to plan for
  • Rapidly expanding the team, which requires a lot of time and dedication
  • Introducing commercially structured features to add value to properties

When their message was posted, at was 4 am on a Sunday morning, and several team members were still working. Some members have not had a day off since early November.

So be aware of the dedication of the team to the project, but also accept that they may not always be able to respond to questions and issues straight away.

I am confident that they will pull it of, if we as a community can be there for them as well. Let’s keep an eye out for people trying to scam and warn each other and make sure this project is not going to be taken over by people with the wrong intentions.