Earth 2 meta-game

Since many of the rules in Earth 2 are not yet defined, what we have seen happening is that people are making up their own strategies. Initially, people were hunting down landmark spots in the real earth. Then, after one of the developers talked a bit about resources, people shifted their attention to land that contains gold, oil, lithium, or even forests. Everyone started to search for cheap Class 1 tiles that contained for example a gold mine, and finding these locations was the talk of the day on Discord.

Now, three weeks into the year 2021, the meta gameplay is changing again. Meta gameplay is a way to approach a game that is outside of the official rules. Since there are not that many official rules yet in Earth 2, there is a lot of room for meta gameplay. Top investors are creating communities around them. People in those communities join forces on Discord in order to create the biggest attraction in Earth 2. One of the first results of this were the Mega cities we wrote about earlier. We now see an expansion of this trend.

People are less and less looking for the right location and are more interested in connecting to large cities that are formed by a community. People now assume that the game will focus on those areas, so it is important to own tiles in these surroundings. Since most people will visit these mega cities, people expect that this will drive up the price. A huge amount of large cities are now popping up next to the ones we already mentioned: E2THEBOSS and Avalon from SHP. Alpha Kingdom, the clan/community of King Techops is at the moment the number 3 in the Earth 2 world and already has 20 cities at the time of writing:

AK 1 South Korea Seole

AK 2 Nicaragua Managua

AK 3 Paraguay Asunción

AK 4 Guinea Conakry

AK 5 Hungary Miskolc

AK 6 North Macedonia Skojpe

AK 7 Uganda Kampala

AK 8 Panama Altos De Tocumen

AK 9 Mozambique Maputo

AK 10 Latvia Riga

AK 11 Guinea Dubréka

AK 12 Argentina Misiones

AK 13 Nepal Bagmati

AK 14 Afghanistan Kabul

AK 15 Ukraine Kyiv

AK 16 Domincan Republic Ensanche Kennedy

AK 17 Switzerland Zurich

AK 18 Nigeria Lagos

AK 19 Chontales, Nicaragua

AK 20 Heard and McDonald Islands

Besides these megacities, there are some other ones as well:

E2TB Liberia




Pirate Island Barbuda

Zigurat Western Sahara

Because of the rapid growth of these mega cities, some external Earth 2 marketplaces have started to offer special search options to look for deals in these cities. For example, in you can use the “hotspots” option to select from a number of mega cities, and doing so will pre-fill the longitude and latitude values with the location of the city:

Selecting a hotspot in

You can also see that these mega cities are influencing the price of tiles in the country that they are in. For example, the E2THEBOSS mega city is located in Liberia, which would normally not be a very interesting location. However, when you look at the market trend for Liberia, you can easily observe that both the number of tiles sold and the new tile price are shooting up rapidly. What is also interesting to observe is the market price graph, which shows a lot of spikes. Such a spike means that someone has paid a lot more than the market value for a tile:

Statistics for Liberia, taken from

Because of the popularity of these locations, it is hard to buy tiles at a discount. If you compare the offers in Liberia to those in the USA, you can see that the discount percentage is a lot higher in the latter:

Discounts in Liberia, taken from
Discount in the USA, taken from

Of course you need to take into consideration that some people in the USA originally bought these tiles for $0.10, so their profit is still enormous compared to the people that bought in Liberia at $15.71.

It gets even more interesting when you start to look for huge blocks of Class 1 tiles:

Large Class 1 plots for sale at ridiculous prices

Of course, it is highly unlikely that any of these offers will get sold… But I suppose everyone is free to ask whatever they want.