Earth 2 statistics

For people who are interested in Earth 2 statistics, there are a couple of external sites that proved nice overviews. In this post I will list the most well-known ones.



The site Earth2stats contains a home page with an overview of the top sold tiles in the past 24 hours, the most purchased countries and the priciest new tiles. Also, it shows a list of countries with the most needed date. This list can be filtered for a specific country. The site also contains a country comparison section where you can compare data for up to 3 countries, a marketplace with links to the properties on Earth 2, and a profile monitoring tool that can monitor the profile belonging to a specific profile on Earth 2.

Not the most attractive looking site, but contains extensive filters to find exactly the tiles you are looking for. You can filter on country, market value range, geo location range, tile class, purchase value range, number of tiles discount percentage, price… You can even select a Hotspot for the most well known mega cities! So for people interested in data analysis, this a very helpful site. is another site that looks a little more modern and has a picture of the earth that can be clicked to select a country. Like the other sites, it also contains a market place with filters. Although it doesn’t add anything new compared to the other sites, it looks a bit nicer so you may prefer it if that is important to you.