Mega cities in Earth 2

At the start of 2021, new developments are taking place in Earth 2. Communities are being formed, both local and international. A number of top investors like E2THEBOSS are becoming more and more visible and attract thousands of followers. Reddit groups like Earth2io come up with very creative idea, like building massive cities as a group like Silent Hunter Project (SHP).

The idea is to build enormous cities in order to become the metropolis of the Earth 2 world. Examples of such cities are the E2THEBOSS MEGACITY and AVALON.


These cities are growing very fast and seem to be based on a grid structure as is often the case in American cities. Members of the community create roads out of tiles that form the cities’ infrastructure. There is a preference to build cities close to water, and people are already planning harbors as can be seen in the E2THEBOSS MEGACITY in Liberia. It shows that people are actually collaborating, because harbors will only be valuable if the surrounding beaches will allow access.


The city of Avalon is built in Nepal and again is located near the water. It is interesting to see that quite traditional forms of transportation have become so popular. Another interesting observation is that these huge cities appear in very different locations than big cities on “Earth 1”, like New York, Paris, Rome, Berlin. Since land tiles in those places have already gone up too much, people try to look for settlement locations that are still relatively affordable and where it is possible to buy Class 1 tiles for less than $0.40 per tile.

To be able to create such big cities, it is important to buy tiles at the proposed location within a very short timeframe. Since buying tiles will increase the tile value in the country, if tiles were bought spread out over a long time, people that don’t participate in the city will notice the price increase and buy tiles in unrelated locations in that country. To avoid this, the location of the newly created city will remain a secret till the last moment. Community members will make sure that they have sufficient funds to participate once the location is released and within a few hours will buy up all tiles in that location. In the case of E2THEBOSS MEGACITY, within a matter of hours the number of tiles sold in Liberia went from around 18,000 to over 100,000, thereby crossing over to Class 2.

Tile rush in Liberia

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