More Earth 2 statistics

Because of the rapid growth of Earth 2, people are creating new websites that offer helpful information to the players that isn’t available in the Earth 2 app. There is a lot of interesting information about statistics in Earth 2 that users may find helpful in order to make the best choices in the game:

  • Which land sold the most tiles in the past 24 hour or in the past hour?
  • How much money has been invested in the past days?
  • What is the price per tile in a specific country?
  • What is the market value?
  • Etc.

Another source of information I wrote about earlier is to look up the statistics of your own or someone else’s profile. In that article, I mentioned the site In the remainder of this article, I will discuss some more statistics that this site offers.

The World Map

The main page on shows a map of the world with different colors for each country, ranging from red to green. The greener the color of country, the more the value of tiles in that country have increased. The actual percentage is shown by hovering over the country (its color than turns grey). You can also zoom in and out using the mouse wheel.

The world map shows the increase in tile price for each country

The map presents a quick overview of popular countries, which may be useful if you are looking for bargains in the capital cities on the market place. I would not recommend buying new tiles because of the increased land class, which is often 3 or higher, and the high price per tile. Of course, you could also take the opposite approach and try to find a bargain in counties with low tile prices.

The map as it is is interesting, but would be more useful if the colors would change more gradually and it would be possible to change the depicted statistics, for example, to show not only the price increase from the start, but also the increase in the last 24 hours or in the last week. However, it is possible to get this information in another way.

Number of tiles sold / Money inserted / Top properties

Another piece of useful information is data about the top tiles sold and the money inserted in the last 24 hours, the last hour and the last 15 minutes, and the top properties for sale on the market:

Top tiles sold / money inserted / top properties for sale

Phenomena like land rushes can be observed in these graphs, especially when switching to 15 minute time frames. For people who like to “day trade”, the shorted the time frame, the more interesting it gets.

Other interesting data to get from these graphs is how active players have been world wide. The fewer tiles are sold, especially in popular countries, the less active the community is. Looking at the current numbers, it is clear that the “gold rush” days in which over 100,000 tiles were sold within 24 hours are behind us, at least for now. In the beginning people could still buy the more valuable Class 1 tiles, that would let the profit the most from the income tax.

The middle section of the graph shown the amount of money that has been invested. These number are only an approximation, because they are not released by the Earth 2 team. It is calculated based on the amount of tiles sold and the price per tile, so most likely the real numbers will be lower, since people often sell tiles at a discount. It does however give an indication of the popularity of the game.

Finally, the graph shows the top properties for sale on the market. Unsurprisingly, the United States of America is still on top, and Italy has long been number two. It is clear that the Western countries that rank high in the real world, also rank high in the game. The only exception is the “International Territory” category, which I never liked, because it doesn’t take into account a lot of subtleties that exist in the real world.

Country statistics

Finally, there is a searchable list of country statistics, showing the price increase percentage, the average trading price, the current new tile price, the number of tiles sold, and the tile class for new tiles. As you can see, there are still countries that have a tile class of 1, but this doesn’t mean that you can still buy these tiles. Most likely, these are small countries that are completely sold out and didn’t have any tiles beyond class 1.

Detailed country statistics

You can also click on a country in the list to see more data. Below is an example of the data shown for the United States of America:

Detailed country information

As you can see, in the United States only 0.000006% of all 10×10 meter tiles have been sold! So Earth 2 is very, very empty compared to the real world, at least for now. It would be nice to get an overview of the popularity of a country, taken into account its size and the population. Hopefully, some more statistics will be added soon. If not, I might try to add some to this site.

You can also see the tile price in the last hour / 24 hours / week. The longer time frames can be used to analyze trends, the shorted time frames may come in handy if you want to “day trade”, although for that maybe one hour is still too long. When you click on the “Tiles Sold” button, you can see the number of tiles sold over time. The graph below shows the trend for the last week:

Tiles sold in the USA in the last week

As you can see, this graph is pretty linear, which I think is a good sign. However, when you check the vertical axes, you can see that only around 2000 tiles have been sold last week, which is not that much on a total of 619500 tiles. I would be quite interested to see this graph not just from last week, but from the start. I don’t think it is easy to retrieve this information though, unless the Earth 2 team will make it available.