How can you make money in Earth 2?

There are numerous opportunities to generate income from owning land inside Earth 2. As of this very moment there are three key income streams operational with more to be released as the virtual world and future updates are rolled out. Land Value The price of land inside Earth 2 fluctuates from country to country. Each … Read more

Different phases

From time to time the team will release information about upcoming phases. There are a number of internal phases which have not been made public yet due to confidentiality and for commercial reasons. The teams says that they are heavily committed to expanding the purposes behind Virtual Land in Earth 2 and ultimately increasing … Read more

The Earth 2 Web App

Earth 2’s web platform provides its users with the possibility of buying, selling and/or bidding on virtual land tiles. The available land is represented by a mercator projection of a world map sliced up in a virtual grid of approximately 10×10 meters which spans the entire planet. Some core technologies provided via their web application … Read more

What is

Earth 2 is a futuristic concept for a second earth; a metaverse, between virtual and physical reality in which real-world geolocations on a sectioned map correspond to user generated digital virtual environments. These environments can be owned, bought, sold, and in the near future deeply customized. A virtual 1:1 scale version of Earth is inevitable … Read more

What is a land class?

Each tile has a land class. This class is determined by the amount of tiles sold in the country in which the tile is located. There are four classes: The first 100,000 tiles that are sold in a specific country will be of Class 1. The next tiles sold, up to 300,000 tiles in total, … Read more

What is income tax?

Owners of tiles can earn income tax. The amount of tax that can be earned depends on the land class and is paid out on a daily basis: So as you can see, the rules are as follows: Class 1 (0-100k sold tiles in country): 0.1% tax income Class 2 (100k-300k sold tiles in country): … Read more

Which tiles should I buy?

Once you have created an account on and added credits to it, as described in this post, you are ready to buy tiles. But now the question is: which tiles should I buy? Of course, everyone would like to own the Eiffel Tower, the Statue of Liberty, or Apple’s new headquarters in Cupertino, but … Read more

Buying land using PayPal

Buying land

You can buy land in the form of 10×10 meter tiles using credits. To do this, you will need to create an account at Once you have an account, you can go to the settings page, which can be found by clicking on your user name on the top right: Here you can add … Read more