Resources in Earth 2

There are a lot of question regarding the use of natural resources in Earth 2. Now that we are in Phase 1, many people are eagerly buying up oil fields, gold mines and forests, hoping that in Phase 2 this will turn out to be beneficial. However, at the moment it is still very unclear what the exact benefits will be of owning tiles that contain natural resources. In this post we will try to answer some questions related to this topic.

When I am the owner of a tile that contains a goldmine in the real world, does that mean I will obtain gold from these tiles?

According to the people of Earth 2, the answer is both yes and no. They say that they are working on methods to allow influencing locations owned in Earth 2 that are important locations on Earth in some ways. However, these plans at the moment are not well defined and they are not yet prepared to make them public. What they do say is that they are working on making a point of owning interesting/useful places around the world to benefit that land in Earth 2, but there will likely be a process users need to follow for validation.

Should I buy an oil refinery in Earth 2 to obtain oil?

This question was asked to the Earth 2 team, and Wolfgang answered, jokingly, that the chance was very small this would be useful. However, oil is found in oil fields and not in refineries, so maybe Wolfgang just wanted to clear that up. More importantly, he said that the source of resources will not be completely random. This could be interpreted to mean that buying a tile on a gold mine will increase your chances of obtaining (rare) metals, because those tiles will be given game attributes for that purpose.

How accurate will they map the tiles to real world resources?

Some people are using Google Maps and geological data to find the exact locations of mines and other natural resources, assuming that buying tiles in these locations will get them those resources. However, it is probably unlikely that the division of resources will be this detailed, because this could easily lead to discussions whether or not a specific tile is still part of a gold mine or not, or that some tiles are on top of natural resources that are not recognized as such in Earth 2. Maybe the division of resources will be more on a global level, for example oil rich countries will provide more oil for all tile owners in that country. However, this is still very speculative, as no official information has yet been released.

Are other users allowed to keep or find or steal resources on land that is owned by me?

Earth 2 has not released these details yet. They say that possibly in the future from a ‘look’ perspective, if loot is found on land you own there ‘could’ be a benefit associated back to you. This is not definite but it is in the plans for now. They want to make owning land have numerous benefits moving forward and it seems fair if a player finds something on your land that you receive something for it as well. For resource production on land this is a bit different. They do have plans for something interesting in this area, but there are no further details at the moment.