The Anthropologist’s Guide to Earth2 Cities

This is an up to date list of locations of mega cities in Earth2. Use it to your advantage!

As we have discussed in a previous article, mega cities are appearing in locations that do not contain these kind of cities in the real world. The creation of these cities was mostly driven by price. Real world cities like New York or Paris very quickly were sold out and the tile price became very high, so people shifted to countries in Africa or Asia. A lot of trading is starting to happen between these cities. People need to cooperate to keep things organized and it is going to be an interesting experiment to see how this will work out. The results in the real world have not always been that great, but maybe in the virtual world, things will be different…

Take a look at the document above. The original link can be found here. Read about the vision of the different cities and try to join if you can.