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Let’s take a closer look at the people behind Earth 2!

Shane Isaac – Chief Executive Officer at Earth 2

Shane Isaac / CEO

On the Earth 2 website, we can find the following information about Shane:

“With over 20 years experience in development, product development and management, Shane has an avid passion for big concepts and thinking outside the box. He has a burning desire to develop Earth 2 into an alternate digital reality, a reality people can literally feel around their physical presence anywhere in the world. Shane is the driving force that brings a star studded team of professionals together for the common cause of creating the Earth 2 platform for millions around the world.”

Taken from the website

His LinkedIn profile states that he has been a Managing Director of XYZ Social Media since December 2016. XYZ is a new age social media and communications app. It offers numerous world first features in addition to being a new alternative for Social Media to millions around the world. It is free to create and account.

I feel I have to place a few critical notes here. First of all, Shane’s LinkedIn profile is rather minimal. He doesn’t mention anything about his educational background or his professional experience prior to December 2016. Also, the XYZ website is not very impressive. It lacks basic features like a secure connection (which only takes a couple of minutes to do) and the text contains many spelling mistakes. The XYZapp page on Facebook doesn’t look very professional either and their Twitter account has also not been active since May 2020. Given that he’s been a managing director of XYZ Social Media, I would have expected something more impressive than that.

Of course, we all know of very successful people that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere, but still it is probably wise to learn more about Shane. You can get a glimpse of him by watching this video where he introduces himself:

Wolfgang Walk – gameplay concept and design

Wolfgang Walk / gameplay concept and design

On the Earth 2 website, we can find the following information about Wolfgang:

Wolfgang has a nearly 3 decades long background in game & narrative design, working on dozens of small and big games; an experience he will now bring to the table in order to create the experience of our second Earth. He also has published two novels and is a frequent contributor to Germany’s biggest games podcast “The Pod”. As you can expect from someone who studied economics, math, computer science, German literature and philosophy there are few things in this world he is NOT interested in. And at some point they all might end up in Earth 2.

Taken from the website

Wolfgang’s LinkedIn profile is a lot more complete than Shane’s and shows a long list of relevant job experiences and education. Reading his background, he seems to be the right person for the job: over 15 years of experience in game development, experience as project lead and project manager, very active in the gaming industry.

Again, one critical note: he mentions his job position on LinkedIn, but not as an employee but as a freelancer. This is not necessarily a problem, but it does read a bit like a less than “all-in” commitment to Earth 2. Of course, there could be practical reasons for him not to be an employee, but I would have felt more confident had he been one. After all, freelancers can set their own priorities and might decide to look for other opportunities when things get tough sooner than fixed employees would.

Nathaniel Doldersum – lead game developer

Nathaniel Doldersum / Lead game developer

On the Earth 2 website, we can find the following information about Nathaniel:

Nathaniel is one of the most successful publishers on the Unity Asset Store. He is an extremely talented game developer which is evident in his creation D.R.O.N.E and he is working miracles on the foundation of the Earth 2 virtual metaverse!

Web: D.R.O.N.E. The Game

Taken from the website

Nathaniel’s LinkedIn profile, like Shane’s, is relatively empty. It lists him as a Unity Asset Store Developer, and indeed we can find five of his assets in the store. The Asset Store also point to a YouTube from 2016 that looks very impressive:

Hopefully Earth 2 will eventually look like this, that would be amazing!

Nathaniel is listed as Lead Developer for Five Studios Interactive from March 2015 till the present moment, and as a full-time employee for Earth Version 2 Pty Ltd. Let’s hope that Five Studios Interactive is not taking up much of his time!

If I have to make one critical note, it would be that I’d like his LinkedIn profile to be more complete and also list his academic history. I am not suggesting that having a university degree is required to be a successful (game) developer, but it would be good to know a little bit more about his non-gaming related background.

Stojce Slavkovski – Devops, advisory

Stojce Slavkovski / Devops, advisory

On the Earth 2 website, we can find the following information about Stojce:

Stojce is a talented programmer and technical lead who lives for clean code and organization. He excels at DevOps, has invaluable experience at CTO level and is an integral part of the Earth 2 team when he’s not taking trips around Europe on his motorcycle.

Taken from the website

Stojce’s LinkedIn profile lists active work experiences starting from September 2002 and he worked as Project manager, CTO, Team leader, Software developer and Software architect. Stojce studied Computer Science and Software Engineering in Skopje, Macedonia. He published an article on Medium that might be interesting to read. Alos, he is active on Github where he has a number of software repositories. He seems to have a lot of experience related to software infrastructure and may be an important resource to make sure Earth 2 can properly scale and run in a stable way.

Again a critical note: Stojce doesn’t list his work for Earth 2 on LinkedIn, and he only seems to have an advisory role. I wonder if this is enough for such a big project.

Rogerio Rocha – Lead developer

Rogerio Rocha / Lead developer

On the Earth 2 website, we can find the following information about Rogerio:

Roger is an extremely talented Coder with strong principles. He has worked high level in multi national companies including the development of financial systems and was integral in laying the foundation of the Earth 2 trading platform.

Taken from the website

Rogerio’s LinkedIn page shows a lot of experience as software developer using different technologies and frameworks. Judging from his industry knowledge, he is more of a back-end (software running on the server) than a front-end (software running in the browser or on the phone) person.

If I have to make a critical note, I’d say that I don’t (yet) see a very clear match with the skills needed to take Earth 2 to the next level. However, he seems to be quite versatile, so hopefully he will be able to get up to speed quickly. Another thing to mention is that he hasn’t listed his activities for Earth 2 on his profile.

Steve Bennett – Mapbox guru

Steve Bennett / Mapbox guru

On the Earth 2 website, we can find the following information about Steve:

Steve is a MapBox guru who is extremely talented with vector tile generation with complex datasets. His knowledge and talent was invaluable when building our global grid system for Earth 2

Taken from the website

Steve’s LinkedIn profile lists him as a Mapbox, vector tile and data visualization expert. He is most likely responsible for Earth 2’s grid system of land tiles. He is an expert in Web mapping, which is the process of using maps delivered by geographic information systems (GIS) on the Internet. This technology is at the core of Earth 2, so his knowledge seems to be extremely relevant to the project.

Steve has his own website that lists a number of projects, one of which is called “Alternative Earth”.

Again a critical note: Steve does not list his involvements with Earth 2 on his LinkedIn page and only offers his expertise on a freelance base, so his is not a permanent employee of Earth 2.

Samuel Dale – FE Developer UI/UX

Samuel Dale / FE Developer UI/UX

On the Earth 2 website, we can find the following information about Samuel:

Sam is one of those rare developers who is talented at coding and UI/UX. He is a unicorn so to speak. His ability to create designs and code those designs pixel perfect is quite simply a gift!

Web: Portfolio

Taken from the website

Samuel’s LinkedIn profile lists him as a developer at ROMEO Digital. There is no mention of Earth 2. His area of expertise seems to be front-end development. He has his own website that shows some of his personal projects and a YouTube channel with a few videos that are several years old.

It’s nice to have a passionate UI/UX developer on board, and hopefully he will continue to improve the site.

One final critical note: again, Samuel does not list his involvement with Earth 2 on his profile.

Ralf C. Adam – Production lead

The latest addition to the team is Ralf C. Adam. This was announced on the Earth 2 Twitter channel:

Announcent on Twitter

Ralf’s LinkedIn profile lists an experienced game producer and I am sure he will make a perfect addition to the team.

Ferran Galvañ – Technical Artist


On the Earth 2 website, we can find the following information about Ferran:

Creating virtual worlds in all kinds of editors since he just turned 7, Ferran needed two days at the age of 12 from starting with 3D Studio Max to finish his first Star Wars ship model. Before attending university he already was a household name on Turbosquid, ending up with 400 models for sale there and an encompassing knowledge of the creation and technical backgrounds of graphics production. One of his works: the largest model of Earth available to this date. Nathaniel talked him into joining the D.R.O.N.E. project, and from there the next logical step was to try to build an even bigger model of mother Earth: Earth 2.

Taken from the website

Ferran’s LinkedIn profile lists him as a highly experienced 3D artist, and I am sure he will be a valuable asset to the team, especially when we get to Phase 2 and beyond.

Dillon Seo – Advisory

Dillon Seo / ADVISORY

On the Earth 2 website, we can find the following information about Dillon:

Dillon was a Co-Founder of Oculus VR, a company ultimately acquired by Facebook for $2 billion. Dillon has held key executive roles in well established technology and investment companies and has a deep seeded love for Virtual Reality and Gaming. He plays a pivotal role in the IEEE 802 project seeking to solve a key issue with Virtual Reality latency and is an outright genius. It is such an honour to have him available to advise us on Earth 2.

Taken from the website

Dillon’s LinkedIn profile lists him as an Entrepreneur / Investor / Tech Enthusiast / VR Pioneer. I can imagine his expert advice will be very valuable especially when Earth 2 enters its next phase.

David Novakovic – ADVISORY

David Novakovic / ADVISORY

On the Earth 2 website, we can find the following information about David:

David is one of the most well known and accomplished Tech Founders in Australia. He is a Data Scientist at heart but it is his ability to lead, innovate and communicate that results in most anything he touches turning to gold. He is a genius in his own right and can learn anything to achieve anything and conversing with him on any subject will open up a new world you never knew existed!

Taken from the website

David’s LinkedIn profile lists him as an innovator, software engineer and business communicator. Having him on board as advisor will likely be very helpful.

Sebastiaan Fehr – ADVISORY

Sebastiaan Fehr / ADVISORY

On the Earth 2 website, we can find the following information about Sebastiaan:

Seb is another classic example of a highly talented programmer that has a business mind and runs processes that will blow your mind! He can make a hour conversation feel like 10 minutes due to his high intellect and ability to break down complicated problems into managable solutions. Seb’s advice for Earth 2 has been invaluable and it is an absolute pleasure to have him involved with the project.

Taken from the website

Sebastiaan’s LinkedIn profile lists him as the Director of AIR Pty Ltd. which is a company focusing on software and game development. It is a small company (less than 10 employees, according to LinkedIn). He also explicitly mentions being a member of the board of advisors for Earth 2. He seems to be a person with both software engineering and business skills.

Alex Hutchens – Legal

Alex Hutchens / LEGAL

According to his LinkedIn profile, Alex is a partner at McCullough Robertson. He is head of the firm’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications group, and practices in telecommunications, IT, e-commerce, consumer protection and data protection law. He is a leading lawyer in emerging areas such as cloud computing, machine to machine (M2M)/IOT technology and big data projects. He also has significant experience in market competition and consumer protection issues, licensing and regulatory access, procurement and data protection and privacy law.

Sotiri Svoronos – Creative

Sotiri Svoronos / CREATIVE

According to his LinkedIn profile, Sotiri is a skilled graphic designer and co-owner of Squeeze Creative.

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