Two-factor authentication (2FA) for Earth 2

When it comes to money, safety is very important. Banks, crypto exchanges, companies that store personal data: they all invest a lot of effort into making sure that only you can access your valuable resources. However, until now the only protection that Earth 2 was offering was a username and a password. The Earth 2 team probably wasn’t expecting that in such a short amount of time so much money (about a 100 million dollar!) would be transferred to their platform.

Once people started to invest more significant sums, the requests for better safety measures became more loud. Fortunately, the team listened and now offers Two-factor authentication (2FA). So how does it work? I found a nice article here that explains the details.

To use 2FA with Earth 2, first you need to install an Authenticator app on your phone. I would recommend Google Authenticator, but you could also use Twilio Authy or possible another app that provides the same functionality. A nice article on how to install the Google Authenticator app can be found here.

Once you have an Authenticator app installed, you can go to your Earth 2 settings:

Open the Settings menu

Now open the 2FA preferences:

And click on the ‘Enable Two-factor Authentication’ button:

Click on ‘Next’:

Now open the Authenticator app on your phone and select the ‘Add account’ option and scan the QR code that appears on your screen:

Once the QR codes is recognized, the app will show a token which you need to type below the QR image. Then you can press ‘Next’ and you are good to go:

When you click on the ‘Back to profile’ button, you get the possibility to store a backup code that you can use to gain access in case you don’t have access to the 2FA app, for example when your phone got lost. It is also possible to disable 2FA again: