What are E$ in Earth 2?

For people logging in to their Earth2.io account today, there may be a surprise. Suddenly their balance is no longer expressed in dollars, but in “E$” – E-dollars? Unfortunately, there is very little information about this change at the time of writing. The only information we got so far is a message on Discord:

“Dear Earth 2 Users. E$1 = $1 USD, nothing is changing there, I am just in hospital with my youngest daughter and will make a more formal announcement about updates soon. Thank you “

Shane on switching from $ to E$

People on Discord are speculating about the meaning of the E. Is it short for Earth 2? Or is it short for Ethereum? For sure, it seems to point at an in-game currency, and making a connection with some kind of crypto-currency is certainly not too far off. However, right now all we can do is speculate. I will update this article when more information is known.