What are land tiles?

The thing everyone is talking about right now are virtual land tiles in Earth 2. These are 10 x 10 meter tiles that cover the entire world. The tiles can be bought for different prices, varying from country to country. The price of the tiles fluctuate, for example because of their land class. The more people buy tiles in a certain area, the higher the price. For example, at the time of writing on January 10, the price of one United States tile is already over $32! Since all tiles had a starting price of only $0.10, this means that in a few weeks the price of these tiles have gone up by over 32000%!

The price of one tile for different countries

You can buy tiles all over the planet, but you will soon find out that all popular places have already been sold. For example, as you can see in the picture below, the Eiffel Tower is now owned by the UK!

The Eiffel Tower is in the hands of the UK

But it is not only the most well-known tourist attractions that have been sold. In fact, even in the Netherlands it will be hard to find tiles in Amsterdam or Utrecht.

Amsterdam Central Station

As you can see, most of the tiles are already occupied. Only in the North-East (apparently a less popular destination) are there still plenty of tiles available.

We have to keep in mind though that the developers have mentioned that Earth 2 will start in an empty state. This means that everything created by humans will be removed. From this, we can gather some important information:

  • You don’t buy what is on the land, you just buy the empty land. However, since the locations in Earth 2 map 1 to 1 to locations in the real world (“Earth 1”), it is not unlikely that people interested in building in the real world will go look for it in Earth 2.
  • Everything not created by humans will be present in Earth 2. This also includes natural resources, for example wood from forests, gold from mines, but, oil fields, etc. People are expecting that these natural resources will become valuable once people start building and therefor these are very popular locations.
A gold mine in Kyrgyzstan is a popular location

So once you own some tiles, what is next? These are some of the (future) possibilities:

  • You can sell your land and make a profit
  • You can land receive income tax
  • You can receive of portion of resources gathered on your land (available later)
  • Income from advertising (available later)
  • When users build on land that you own, you will receive a portion of the value of those assets (available later)

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