What is a land class?

Each tile has a land class. This class is determined by the amount of tiles sold in the country in which the tile is located. There are four classes:

  • The first 100,000 tiles that are sold in a specific country will be of Class 1.
  • The next tiles sold, up to 300,000 tiles in total, will be of Class 2.
  • After the first 300,000 tiles have been sold, tiles up to tile 500,000 will be of Class 3.
  • Tiles sold after the first 500,000 tiles in a specific country will be of Class 4.

However, it appears that for smaller countries, like Gibraltar, these numbers are different and only the first 10,000 tiles will be Class 1 (to be confirmed).

Unfortunately, you will not know for sure what class a tile you buy will be in till after you have purchased the tile. There is a page with Country Statistics, but unfortunately the data on it is very unreliable.

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