What is income tax?

Owners of tiles can earn income tax. The amount of tax that can be earned depends on the land class and is paid out on a daily basis:

So as you can see, the rules are as follows:

  • Class 1 (0-100k sold tiles in country): 0.1% tax income
  • Class 2 (100k-300k sold tiles in country): 0.0375% tax income tax
  • Class 3 (300k- 500k sold tiles in country): 0.005% tax income tax
  • Class 4 (500k sold tiles in country): no taxes

There are links to the performance of the purchase of new land in the country where you own the tiles. If performance is high then you will receive them more frequently. Your land needs to earn at least $0.01 for anything to be credited to your account.

Be aware that at the moment income tax payments are on hold to avoid overloading the servers. However, once that issue has been solved, payments will be made from the moments that you were the owner of the respective tiles.